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Forget "one diet fits all." At Nourish, we work on a case-by-case basis to personalize and specialize nutrition programs for focused results.

Nourish Family Nutrition is the Baltimore and Harford County area’s premier source of nutrition counseling for individuals, families and businesses. Our 8 Registered Dietitian Nutritionists work with adults, children and families. We help people manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, digestive disorders, PCOS, as well as weight management, sports nutrition, food allergies and sensitivities, eating disorders and general healthy eating. We offer food sensitivity, genetic and metabolic testing. We accept most insurance and have daytime and evening hours at 3 locations in Baltimore, Lutherville and Bel Air. How can we help you?

Nourish provides specialized service for all your dietary needs.


Inspiring employees to make healthy lifestyle choices.


Customized nutrition plans for individuals and families.


Empowering healthy decisions with self-paced programs.

I found my appointment with Jodi Serafin to be exactly what I was looking for to improve my diet and health issues. Jodi helped me design a meal program to met my needs for my health issues I want to improve. She was very knowledge and the experience was excellent. I would recommend her to others.

Sharon B.

Between my wife and myself we have had about five visits with Melanie. We both found Melanie delightful to work with. She is friendly but professional. She conveyed important information that was understandable and practicable, without being "preach-ie" (if that's a word). My recent follow-up visit was reassuring. With her help I seem to be on the right track. Also, I found that the practice's website is very "slick" and the scheduling function very convenient and easy to use. Don't stop improving but you are already doing a great job.

Fred J

I am very grateful to Abby Patterson who has been supporting me in my healthy journey. Since our first inspirational meeting, Abby guided me on portion size, alternatives that I might enjoy, and a focus on protein and additional exercise. I was happy to lose weight the first month, and change some habits enabling me to get off some of the medications I had needed to take. Abby’s guidance and advice made it realistic to follow a plan and start some healthy habits. I feel so much better and I’m motivated to continue my journey.

Alex R.

I have been working with Samantha Walters for a little under 3 months now and could not be happier! She tailored my eating and exercise plan to my personal likes and dislikes so it was a seamless transition. I am already down by 25 pounds and well on my way to my goal weight! I naturally make better food choices now and am feeling better than I ever have before. Thank you Samantha!

Samantha Y.

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