Watermelon: How to serve it without the mess

One of my favorite things about living in Baltimore is the change of seasons. Just when I think I can’t stand another hot, humid day the air starts getting cooler, the mornings are crisp and the leaves start changing color. I also love the new food and tastes then each new season brings. Some of my favorite foods are summer foods: sweet corn, homegrown tomatoes, peaches, cherries and my personal favorite – watermelon.

All summer I keep a watermelon in my fridge. I slice off the top and then use an ice cream scoop to scoop out giant melon balls.  Then I just cover the top of the melon with plastic wrap and store it in the fridge until I need more.

Downside: The melon takes up a bit of room in the fridge

Upside: A sweet, refreshing treat that is easy, quick and convenient. We are much more likely to eat healthy food if it is easily accessible and doesn’t require a lot of preparation instead of something that is less nourishing

And speaking of easy and convenient…the seeds look great in the picture but seedless watermelon is truly one of the greatest advances in melon (have there been any others?!). Less seeds, more fruit!

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