Product Review: Banana Guard!

Most every time I sent a banana in my girls’ lunchboxes, it would come home sad, bruised and uneaten. They said that the bananas got smushed in their lunchboxes and then were “too gross” to eat. I pack everything in their lunchboxes in reusable plastic containers so things stays fresh, intact and appetizing (as well as being better for the environment). But how to protect a whole banana? After reading about the Banana Guard on another blog, I knew this was something I had to try.

I went to the Banana Guard website and purchased 3 guards (1 for each of my daughters and 1 for their friend) and also a couple of Froot Guards, which hold large, round fruits, like apples or pears, to prevent them from becoming bruised. Just over 2 weeks later (which I thought was a pretty quick turnaround since the products are coming from Canada and they said to allow for 4-6 weeks for delivery) our guards arrived.

Happy Customers

We got 1 blue, 1 purple and 1 red Banana Guard, plus 1 pink and 1 yellow Froot Guard. We also received, gratis, a blue Froot Case, which is like the Froot Guard but for smaller round fruits like plums and apricots. The guards are made of hard, brightly colored plastic, which the website says is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Despite the, ummm….. unusual shape of the Banana Guards, they girls were super-excited and immediately put bananas into the guards and started throwing them around and whacking them into things to see how well they protected the bananas. Both bananas and guards remained unscathed.

The real test came today when they girls took them in their lunchbox. I was concerned that they would not fit in the lunchboxes, but because they are curvy, it was not a problem at all. When I asked them what they liked best about the Banana Guard, they all said that it kept their banana from getting brown and yucky. The 10-year old reported that her friends all thought it was weird but cool and they liked it.

I would definitely recommend the Banana Guard and so would the kids!

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