Product Review: MySuperSnacks

I was recently sent some samples of a new soft granola snack, MySuperSnack. These soft granola bites come in resealable packages and are manufactured by MySuperFoods, a company created by 2 moms that “is committed to providing all natural, healthy, nutrient dense foods for children.”

What mother of young children wouldn’t want an on-the-go snack that is actually healthy and natural? With that in mind, I plied several children with the snacks in return for their opinions and inspected the ingredient list and nutrition information myself. Did they make the cut for taste and nutrition?

apple10-year old D took the Apple Raisin (soft) Granola Bites to school with her for a snack. Here is her report:

Package: I think the super hero on the front is cute and little kids will want to buy them more.

Taste: I like the taste, however I couldn’t taste any apple in it. The after taste wasn’t very good, either. What I did like about it was that there was actual raisins in it. I also liked that they were cut up into squares.

6-year old T, who is a self-proclaimed picky eater, tried the Blueberry Acai (soft) Granola Bites and pronounced them “good”. She shared the package with 12-year old Q who agreed that they were good, but did comment on the “off” aftertaste. Q also noted that the resealable package would be so handy for little kids because “they never eat all of their snack at once and this way it wouldn’t be wasted.”

Everyone agreed that the “superhero” drawings on the packages are super-cute!

My personal favorite was the Chocolate Chip flavor. As far as nutrition, these are not a bad choice. The first ingredient is whole grain oats and each serving contains 3 grams of fiber. They also contain whole food ingredients like date paste, amaranth flour, flax seed, banana puree and dried apples, which is a welcome change from all those highly processed snack foods marketed to children.

The “off” aftertaste that the kids and myself noted is likely the result of the addition of many different vitamins and minerals (Vitamin A, Calcium Carbonate, Ascorbic Acid, Iron, Zinc, etc.). While this does boost the vitamin and mineral content of these snacks, this is much like taking a vitamin pill. Because each of these nutrients is added in isolation, they may not be absorbed as well as if these nutrients were gleaned from their natural food sources. Adding vitamins and minerals is fairly standard practice for processed cereals and beverages (Total cereal, Vitamin Water) to make them appear to be more nutritious than they are. It is understandable that parents of picky eaters would want to pack in vitamins and minerals wherever possible, but I think that this product is just fine without them and would likely be even tastier without.

If you are interested in purchasing the snacks or learning more, you can do so from


******Diana Sugiuchi, RD/LDN and Nourish Family Nutrition were not compensated for this review, other than being provided with samples of the snacks.*****




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