3 Best Kitchen Gadgets

This week I’m featuring my first ever video blog! Learn the 3 best kitchen tools for under $15 that will make meal prep easier and tastier.

Welcome to the Meal Planning Bootcamp video tip of the week. I’m Diana Sugiuchi and I want to share with you 3 kitchen gadgets that are going to make your life easier, your food taste a whole lot better and be healthier.

Let’s start with the microplane. What this does it grate citrus zest or Parmesan very, very fine. The zest is just the very outside part of the citrus and it’s where all the oil are so it lends a nice flavor to foods. This is great for adding citrus flavor to foods where maybe you don’t want a lot of juice in it. One of my favorite ways to use citrus zest is to mix it with some panko bread crumbs and some spices and put that on top of fish filets so you get a nice citrusy taste while the fish is still crispy.

Our next gadget is this citrus squeezer. All we’re going to do here is cut a lemon in half and then you simply place the lemon or lime or whatever citrus you are using in the squeezer, cut side down. Give it a squeeze and all the citrus juice comes out but none of the seeds. It’s a really easy way to add fresh flavor to your foods and is very small and fits in your cupboard so you don’t have to haul out a whole big juicer.

Finally, we’re going to use this garlic press, maybe you’ve seen one before. I don’t know about you , but whenever I try to chop garlic it doesn’t end well, it’s very messy and time consuming. This is great because you can just put the whole clove of garlic, peel and all, right into this press and then just squeeze it out. Out comes nice, fresh garlic. When you buy the jarred garlic from the store it doesn’t taste as fresh and is not quite as healthy. Now if you mix some lemon juice with some fresh garlic and some heart healthy olive oil, that makes a great marinade for chicken breasts. You can put your chicken in there in the morning and then simply throw it on the grill in the evening and you have a really great, fresh tasting, healthy meal.

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