When Is The Best Time To Exercise, Part 2

Last week I gave you the answer to one of the most frequent questions I hear from clients: “When is the best time to exercise?”. This week I give you 2 more answers to this question. I would love to hear your thoughts about this and what works best for you.

When you least feel like it. Yes, we all have those days when we are dead tired, just not in the mood to exercise or whatever. This is the time when it is most important to get up and go! While it is tempting to take a day off in this situation, don’t do it. Even if you only do part of your normal workout or go at a slower pace than you usually do, simply showing up and putting for the effort is what is important. Once you take off a day, it becomes so much more easy to justify skipping exercise the next time you don’t feel like it.


When you have had a bad day or are stressed. Exercise is the best way to bust right through those stress hormones.  We’ve all been there – you’ve had a bad day, it’s late and all you want to do is go home and veg on the couch. But this is precisely when exercise will do you the most good. According to research, exercise is as good for mild to moderate depression as an antidepressant. It is that powerful! To elevate  your mood and decrease your stress you need to keep up with a regular exercise program.

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