Back to School lunch

Back To School Lunches: Part 1

Where has the summer gone?! Just a few weeks ago I was making a video about healthy snacks for family travel and now it’s time to jump back into the routine of school and packing healthy lunches. Start the year off right with some healthy and easy lunches that are sure to please. Here is Part 1 of what to pack in your child’s lunch box.

When you are packing your child’s lunch, be sure to include a good source of protein. This helps your child to stay feeling full for longer. Here are some protein ideas to try:

  • Yogurt or Greek yogurt. Look for brands that have lower sugar and definitely don’t choose the ones with candy or cookies on top. Best yet, purchase plain, unsweetened yogurt, add your own fruit and nuts and sweeten to taste. That way, you will be using far less sugar than pre-sweetened versions.
  • Chicken or tuna salad. You can make chicken salad out of leftover rotisserie chicken (I have a great recipe in the Meal Planning Bootcamp cookbook!). Try putting it in a whole wheat or corn tortilla to make a wrap or serve it in a little container with some whole grain crackers.
  • Nut Butter. Good old PB&J is a pretty healthy staple of the lunch box when it is made on 100% whole wheat bread. Try almond or cashew butter for a change of pace. And for those with nut allergies, sunflower seed butter is a great alternative. If a sandwich is not appealing to your child, put the nut butter in a little container and serve apple slices or whole grain crackers for dipping.
  • Cheese. Cheese sticks are a super easy way to add some protein and calcium to your child’s lunch.
  • Beans or hummus. Hummus or refried beans are both healthy sources of protein. Add some cut up veggies or whole grain pita or corn chips to dip.

Check out Part 2 for other ideas to round out a healthy school lunch!



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