5 Strategies for Halloween Candy and Kids

Halloween is here and that means there is no escaping from the candy that is everywhere. As a parent, where do you draw the line between enough and too much Halloween candy? Different strategies work for different families and here are 5 of my favorites:

  1. Switch Witch

    Some families has successfully employed the services of the Switch Witch or the Candy Fairy. On Halloween night, after children have had a chance to eat their Halloween candy, they can leave all or part of the rest for the Switch Witch to spirit away during the night and replace with a toy of gift

    This can be a great lesson in making choices about what sweets are really important to kids and what they may just be hanging on to because they are there. Kids may or may not take you up on the offer of the Switch Witch, but in some families where this has been a tradition since children were very young, it can work well.

  2. 1 Piece Per Day

    Setting up expectations beforehand is key to employing the 1 Piece Per Day Strategy. This gives kids a guarantee that they will get their Halloween candy, but in a limited amount. The potential problem with this strategy is that if you child has lots of candy, this can stretch out to weeks or months.

  3. Unlimited Access

    This is my personal favorite. By allowing kids unlimited access to their candy on Halloween night and they day or so after, they of course will eat way more than is healthy. They may even eat so much they don’t feel well, which isn’t a bad thing and shows cause and effect. By having the freedom to eat whatever they want, the power struggle is removed from the situation since parents aren’t nagging them about how much candy they are eating. This can result in the child eating less candy overall than if they are given a set amount every day. But after a short time it is important that you put the candy somewhere your child won’t see it, which brings me to my next point…

  4. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

    Put the candy in a closed cupboard, high on a shelf. If the candy isn’t visible ,kids may forget about it over time, especially if they have had a chance to eat their fill.

  5. Let it Go

    Halloween is one day out of the year. Eating too much sugar for several days once per year does will not undo the healthy habits that you are practice with your family most days of the year. Depriving your kids of any candy or sweets can backfire in the long run and make them more likely to binge on these when they do get some.

    Whether you employ the services of the Switch Witch, dole out candy piece by piece or let your kids eat their fill, it is what you do on a day to day basis that makes the most difference in the health of your family.

How does your family handle Halloween candy? Please share you strategies by leaving a comment below!

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