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What our clients are saying

What our clients are saying…

One of the important keys to healing from years of dieting or disordered eating is receiving treatment and finding your community. Individual nutrition therapy appointments are crucial, but so is engaging in meaningful conversation with people who can totally relate to what you are going through. One way to do that is by attending support groups.

Our support groups are different because they are…

  1. 100% virtual. Meaning you can log in while lounging in your jammies or on your work break.
  2. Educational. Our staff will take you through a curriculum of important topics: diet culture, nutrition, intuitive eating, body image, and the psychology of eating. And you’ll have the ability to share whatever is on your mind that day. Its a combination of open-discussion and classroom style learning (minus the tests!).
  3. Empowering. Leave group feeling more resilient in your recovery and connected to your community.

Actual client testimonials…

“It was very valuable for me to be able to hear the opinions of other women with a similar food and body image experience. This was my first time doing group “therapy” and that alone was very valuable. It was helpful to learn about how the weight loss industry profits off of weight cycling. The resources I was given were also so valuable for continued education outside of the group.” -L.K.

“These groups are amazing and critical to my recovery. Melanie offers a supportive and safe environment to discuss these sensitive issues.” -T.F

“I was so happy that I participated in a support group that reinforced the individual work I was already doing with Melanie. I found there to be so much sincerity among the participants, and I love that I felt safe and supported in sharing my experience and thoughts each week. I was surprised by how much more enlightened I felt each week – not just from the formal content – but also from the perspective of a group of people coming from different backgrounds. This support group was an amazing step in feeling less isolated and alone in my food journey!” -N.N.

“More support groups, PLEASE! Cannot wait for the body image group, this is where I struggle so hard.” -N.L.

“I’ve had less than stellar experiences with support groups in the past and honestly wasn’t expecting much. But Melanie’s group was different. They were educational (lots of interesting facts and discussion) which helped explain WHY I struggle with eating and helped me feel less alone by talking to the other participants. Definitely recommend.” -T.M.

Not sure if support groups are the right fit for you? Talk to your Nourish Food Peace dietitian or therapist!

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