Nourish Family Nutrition & Therapy

Erin Breslin RDN, LDN

Peer Mentor

Erin Breslin RDN, LDN

Erin is dedicated to helping others develop a healthy relationship with food. She has experience in residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient levels of care for the treatment of eating disorders. This allows Erin to provide a smooth transition for clients who are stepping down to the outpatient setting. She has experience working with all age groups.  

Erin puts an emphasis on meeting clients where they are and helping them navigate their way towards healing. Her energetic personality mixed with humor helps clients feel more comfortable talking about things that may bring them anxiety. She is Health at Every Size ® (HAES) informed and believes in a non-diet approach. Erin assists clients in viewing all foods as neutral, rather than labeling them as good or bad and she is extremely passionate about creating a positive, inclusive and safe space for her clients.  

When not working, Erin enjoys going on walks with her dog, trying new restaurants or recipes, and online shopping!  

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