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Gut Directed Hypnotherapy

We have all heard the phrase “a nervous stomach”, but have you ever stopped to think about why nerves and emotions take such a toll on your gastrointestinal system? This link between our brain and our gut, referred to as

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Amenorrhea: when not seeing red is a red flag

Have you or someone you know ever lost a regular menstrual cycle, maybe while on a diet or playing an intense sport? Although it has become very normalized in our society, amenorrhea, or lack of a regular menstrual cycle, is

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Picky Eating Tips for Parents

Are you a parent or caregiver who is concerned with feeding your littles? Is mealtime a disaster at your home? Do you want your kids to grow up to be competent and intuitive eaters – to have a healthy relationship

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Is Emotional Eating a Problem?

Food is not just nutrition and fuel for our bodies; it is part of our history, our culture, our connection. Food is something that is meant to be enjoyed for the taste and pleasure it brings us. Food is also

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