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Pomegranates Are In + Recipes

Its winter, and pomegranates are in season If you have spent time perusing the grocery store recently, you may have noticed pomegranates are making an appearance in the produce aisle. You can typically find the beautiful bright red fruit next

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Non-Diet New Year Resolutions

Commit to NOT going on another diet in 2019 With 2018 coming to an end, its that time of year for reflection and wonder for what 2019 will bring us. But it also seems that each year there is an

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On Eating the Rainbow

This is a common phrase thrown around by dietitians, but why is it an important concept in eating disorder recovery? Eating the rainbow refers to eating a variety of foods, including vibrant and colorful fruits and vegetables. We all know

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Meeting with a Non-Diet Dietitian

If you have never met with a dietitian before, or are a little apprehensive about making your first appointment, this blog is for you. At nourishED, our dietitians are non-diet dietitians. You may be thinking “Say what? As if things

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