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Split Pea Soup

Split Pea Soup for a Snow Day

Here in Baltimore, we are in the midst of the second blizzard in a week.  My family was conveniently out of town for the first one, but now we are back and we can’t even see out the window today!

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Walmart food

I read a fascinating article today about how Walmart may be the best place to buy locally grown fresh produce. Yes, Walmart. According to an article in the Atlantic, “The Great Grocery Smackdown” by Corby Kummer, Walmart has a new

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Child Grandfather

Childhood Obesity Linked to Early Death

An article in the New England Journal of Medicine leaves little room for doubt that childhood obesity leads to premature death and reduced quality of life. Just in case the social stigma and negative body image that accompany obesity in childhood

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Get Rid of Temptation

Happy 2010, everyone! I know I had a great and relaxing holiday; I hope you did, too.  Despite my best intentions to always eat mindfully and make it to the gym as much as possible during December, I did neither

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