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Cool {no-bake} Summer Sweets

If you are trying to make peace with food this summer, desserts can be a scary subject. Part of eating disorder recovery and learning to eat intuitively is honoring cravings – including sweets. There’s absolutely no reason to feel guilty

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How To Stay True To Yourself At Mealtime

Focusing on your own food peace journey can sometimes be a struggle. Comparison, judgments, and relationships can distract from your true intentions and goals for meeting your own nutritional needs. “How can I focus on my own food when my

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How to address Halloween candy with your kids

Author: Abigail Billingsley, RDN, LDN As a dietitian, I receive a lot of questions around this time of year regarding the responsibilities of parents and children and Halloween candy. Should I set a limit on how much candy my child

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Intuitive Eating FAQ: Part TWO

This blog post is dedicated to anyone who is new to Intuitive Eating (IE), or those who are aren’t sure if its actually possible to make peace with food and their bodies, and live their lives without food rules and

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