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The BEST Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Let the holiday shopping begin! If you are looking for awesome gifts for your family, friends, or thinking about what to put on your own treat yo’self list, we’ve got you covered. And the best part is you won’t find

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What kind of eater are you?

What Kind of Eater Are You?

Have you ever considered yourself an emotional eater? Do you think way too much about food? Many kinds of eating patterns exist on a spectrum of being too careful and conscious of your diet, to not paying any attention at

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Putting Mindful Meals Into Action

Mindfulness produces positive outcomes when it comes to eating, including reducing overeating or bingeing, reducing anxious thoughts about food and your body, improving diabetes symptoms, and more. ” Mindful eating isn’t difficult, but remembering to do it is.” Do you

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The Dangers of Dieting

Its that time of year again that diet culture ramps up and is ready to prey on all of our post-holiday eating and body insecurities. Everywhere you look there is a new diet program or fitness routine that promises to

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