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Cuckoo for Coconut!

Today’s article is by Melanie Beers, a dietetic intern from the University of Delaware Distance Internship program. It seems that new coconut products are all over store shelves these days.  It has been heavily debated whether coconut products are a

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Picky Eater

4 Ways to Help Your Child Eat More Veggies

I heard an interesting piece on the radio yesterday about efforts to increase the nutritional value of foods served at school lunches. These include highlighting healthier foods with better lighting, rearranging the way different options are presented to the kids

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Frozen food

Are Frozen Foods Healthy?

Do you think frozen veggies and fruits are less healthy than fresh? Research shows that it may be time to rethink frozen food. Frozen food is your friend! Unlike fresh produce, which is often picked before it is ripe and

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