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Yogurt in a jar

Gut Health: Prebiotics and Probiotics

Gut health is getting attention from every direction! With the spotlight on the digestive system, how can you be sure that yours is healthy and happy?  Let’s focus our discussion towards two gut helpers- prebiotics and probiotics. Differences Between Probiotics

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No bake energy balls

Treat Yourself

These heart-healthy recipes are a breeze to make and don’t require any cooking. By making your own treats, you can adjust the ingredients and swap saturated fats for beneficial unsaturated fats. Chocolate makes life a little sweeter, so share with

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Treat Or Snack? A Vocab Lesson

Although my kids are now in high school, the first days of school always make me a bit nostalgic for when they were younger and I was more involved in their day to day studies.  One of my favorite activities

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No cook energy balls

No Bake Energy Bars Recipe

These are so delicious it’s hard to believe they are good for you. If you are like my family and spend too much money on packaged energy bars such as Kind, Cliff, Luna, or Lara, you may want to try

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