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Tomatoes: Two Ways

With warmer weather comes a new season of fresh, summer produce! One of my favorite summer staples are tomatoes. These little powerhouses are not only delicious, but they also have high levels of antioxidants! Antioxidants can help fight stress at the

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Corn: A Summertime Staple

Corn — a summertime staple for as long as we can remember. Corn is as versatile it is delicious;you can eat it hot or cold, topped on salads, in soups, on and off the cob. One cup of cornboasts almost

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chicken salad

Chicken Salad Recipe: Four Ways

There are two secrets to making a great chicken salad. First, you do not want it to be too dry. Second,you want different flavors to shine through without being overpowering. The key to moist chicken salad is to use rotisserie

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mindful eating

How Mindfulness Can Help With Emotional Eating

It’s not uncommon for people to seek comfort during stressful times, but did you know turning to food to soothe emotions or feelings has a name? It’s called emotional eating, and it explains why cookies, cake, and chips look so

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