Cooking Demonstrations

Live demo and sampling with explanations every step of the way. No kitchen required!


One-hour interactive seminars to inform and inspire healthy changes.

Individual Consultations

Your own on-site dietitan nutritionist at no cost to your business.

Writing & Communications

Articles provided for corporate publication on a variety of nutrition topics.

Recipe Development

Innovative recipes for restaurants and industry

Nutrient Analysis

Nutritional analysis, R&D, labeling


Children & Adolescents

Counseling on everything from picky eaters to weight concerns, food allergies and more.


Help parents take charge of their own nutrition and set the stage of a lifetime of healthy eating for their children.

Metabolic Testing

Knowing exactly how many calories you burn will optimize your nutrition plan.


Individualized consulting that fits your lifestyle.

Genetic Testing

Optimize your nutrition plan based on your genes

Food Sensitivity Testing

Determine which foods are causing a reaction in your immune system and find healthy alternatives.

Eating Disorers

Find a healthy relationship with food

Sports Nutrition

Learn what and when to eat for optimal athletic performance. For adults and children.