We are so excited to offer our clients cutting-edge, in-office genetic testing. Developed by world-renowned researchers, this comprehensive test consists of 45 genetic markers that are used to compile your unique genetic profile.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule an appointment to come in for your simple, in-office saliva sample.
  2. The lab receives your sample and your DNA is analyzed.
  3. In about 2 weeks, we receive a detailed booklet with your personalized results.
  4. We review the results and work with you to formulate an eating plan based on your unique genetic profile.

The cost of the test is $398 (not covered by insurance). Your visits with your dietitian nutritionist may be covered by insurance.

We offer 2 reports: Nutrigenomix Health and Nutrigenomix Sport for athletes.

Nutrigenomix Health Brochure

Download Nutrigenomix® Health Brochure (PDF 479 KB)

Nutrigenomix Sport Brochure

Download Nutrigenomix® Sport Brochure (PDF 479 KB)


Genetic testing is available at all of our office locations. We ask that you not eat or drink 15 minutes prior to the test.

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