Body Image Support Group

Body Image Support Group

Cultivate Better Body Image

Body Image Support Group

Our Body Image Support Group is a weekly online community and conversation about body image, and our experiences as they relate to our bodies, and how we can cultivate a more embodied and connected life.

This group aims to provide a space where participants can talk openly about the struggles they face with body acceptance and living in a world that places so much emphasis on physical appearance, size, and dieting. 

Group meets every Monday at 5:30pm Eastern
August 23rd – October 18
$197 for 8 weeks


You are invited to an 8-week, virtual program carefully designed to transform the way you think about your body.  

What is it? 

body acceptance program for people in all bodies that was created to effectively reduce body dissatisfaction and have a positive impact on anyone who wishes to improve their body image. 

What do I get out of it? 

  • The tools to stop blaming your body and waiting for a number on the scale to be happy and LIVE FULLY.  
  • A chance to CONNECT WITH OTHERS and support each other to accept and appreciate their bodies.  
  • The skills to treat your body with RESPECT and KINDNESS, no matter its changes. 

What does it involve? 

Our group will meet on Zoom for eight weeks for this discussion-based program. We ask that participants commit to all eight weeks, and the program includes brief home exercises in between each session. 

When is it? 

Mondays 5:30PM Eastern  

First Session: August 23rd 

Does it cost anything? 

Yes, the whole program is priced at $197 and this includes all eight sessions, home exercises, and access to the community. HSA/FSA cards may be used for payment.

Who is invited? 

All gender identities welcome. All bodies welcome. Ages 18+.

Our host and recovery coach encourages participants to avoid discussing weight loss, calories or numbers, or other potentially harmful discussions in order to make it a safe space for all. 

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