Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

Test for, and eliminate, food sensitivities that may be playing a role in your health conditions.

The LEAP (Lifestyle Eating And Performance) program is beneficial for a number of medical conditions and symptoms, most significantly for Irritable Bowel Syndrome with diarrhea, migraine and chronic headaches, and fibromyalgia and other arthralgia.

Food sensitivities can play a role in many common health conditions. Chronic health complaints such as digestive problems, headaches, joint and muscle pain, and fatigue are all symptoms which can be caused by our immune system’s “reaction” to foods, additives, or other substances in our diet. Sometimes the reactive food is something easy to identify, like milk. Other times, there are many reactive food or chemicals. In addition, reactions can be delayed and/or dose-dependent. This means we may not feel the effects until many hours or days after we have eaten the foods, or unless we eat enough of the food. For these reasons, dealing with food sensitivities on your own is very difficult–unless you have LEAP.

If you have food sensitivities, the first thing you need to do is identify which foods and food chemicals are causing you problems. MRT (Mediator Release Test) can do this. MRT is the most accurate and patented blood test that quantifies how strongly your immune cells react to a panel of 170 foods, additives, and chemicals. Even if you have been diagnosed with a known IgE food allergy, MRT identifies non-IgE mediated cellular reactions, which would otherwise go undetected and thus symptoms would persist.

Once you have results from your MRT, the LEAP Immuno-calm Dietary Management Program is implemented. Your dietitian will develop an elimination diet specific to your individual MRT results, and guide you through a 6-Phase food reintroduction schedule while minimizing symptoms.

If food sensitivity isn’t addressed, you will likely remain ill. Testing is essential to identify your food and food chemical triggers, and Medical Nutrition Therapy is also essential to ensure the test results get put into practice. Our Certified Leap Therapy dietitian, Amanda Gilley, will provide insight, understanding, and practical strategies to enable you to assess the likelihood that diet is playing a role in your illness, and then how to effectively manage the dietary component.

Free Initial Consultation

Discuss your health concerns, symptoms, answer your questions, and determine if the MRT test is right for you.

Lab Testing

MRT food sensitivity blood test for 170 foods and chemicals. Identify non-IgE mediated cellular moderated reactions.


Provides in-depth guidance about foods/chemicals, shopping and food preparation tips, menu planner, recipes and more.

Nutrition Counseling Sessions

Personalized nutrition plan based on your results, in-office or virtual visits, billed to your insurance

Meal Planning

Recipe ideas selected just for you, access to our online recipe database and meal planner.


20% discount on professional grade supplements through our online dispensary

Coordination of blood draw

Assistance with scheduling a blood draw with our lab. There is a lab conveniently located at our office.

The MRT and LEAP plan have changed my life! I had thought I was out of options after suffering from chronic migraines for over 25 years, and trying so many medications, alternative therapies, invasive injections and Botox, doctor appointments, and thousands of dollars spent looking for relief, but with very few results. MRT finally gave me the answers I needed for relief.

My dietitian at Nourish Family Nutrition worked with me to use my MRT results to develop a new diet plan and lifestyle that is treating chronic migraine without medication. By eliminating the foods and chemicals that were causing inflammation and migraines I have seen a drastic decrease in migraines. Melanie was very helpful answering questions and offering guidance during the transition to my new diet and lifestyle.

My neurologist discharged me from regular office visits because he is so pleased with my current state. I have been able to discontinue the two daily preventive medications I had been taking, only using abortive meds 3 or 4 times per month compared to 10 to 12 times per month previously. I just feel better overall!

I am very thankful to Nourish Family Nutrition – their support has given me my life back!

-Shaina Z.
Nourish Client

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