Metabolic & Body Composition Testing

Body Composition & Metabolic Testing

We are opening on a limited basis, 1 or 2 days per month, for metabolic and InBody body composition testing. We offer metabolic testing and InBody testing at our Towson office only.

We will be observing strict precautions including:

We are thoroughly sanitizing our equipment and office between appointments. We will be wearing masks and gloves and maintaining a 6 foot distance from you as much as possible during the appointment. There is only 1 dietitian providing these services and there will be only the dietitian and 1 client in the entire office at a time. We are not offering water, coffee or tea.

  1. Please wait in your car until you are called or texted to come in for your appointment.
  2. Please do not bring anyone to your appointment with you.
  3. You will be sent a questionnaire the day before your appointment about potential COVID-19 symptoms to fill out and sign.
  4. It is required that you wear a mask into the building and in our office 

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