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Get Rid of Temptation

Happy 2010, everyone! I know I had a great and relaxing holiday; I hope you did, too.  Despite my best intentions to always eat mindfully and make it to the gym as much as possible during December, I did neither as much as I would have liked.  Between the parties, kid holiday events, late nights staying up getting ready for things and the temptations of cookies, candy, cheese (I cannot resist a cheese plate), eating out too much, etc., it is now time to haul myself back to the gym on a regular basis and revise my eating habits. How about you?

For the next weeks or so, I will post regular tips to help get rid of those holiday pounds or just help you continue with a healthy lifestyle, for both adults and kids. I know that my kids ate a lot more junk than I would have liked over the holidays and we are all in need of some change. Remember, small changes are what leads to lasting results.

So here we go: New Year’s Tip #1:

Remove temptations from your house

Start by clearing your house of all those foods that you bought for the holidays and still have laying around. You know what I’m talking about – leftover Christmas cookies, scraps of cheese from your parties, tins of nuts. If there are things around that you don’t normally eat, that are tempting you to nibble – get rid of them.

Don’t feel bad about throwing things away. If you normally wouldn’t snack on brie and gingerbread, throw them away.

If there are things that are unopened that you can donate to a food pantry, even better. If temptation isn’t easily available you can’t eat whatever it is.

Of course, if you need a little help with this and an individualized plan to reach your goals, Nourish Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are ready to help.

There, that’s all for today. Easy, right?!  Now let’s move on to Step 2!

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