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What’s New Wednesday: Trader Joe’s Fall Finds!

Hi Fall Friends!
If you have met with a Nourish dietitian, then you have likely heard us mention our unfading love for Trader Joe’s grocery stores.  There are a few located not far from our offices in Towson and Pikesville.  TJ’s turns grocery shopping into a fun experience because of their:

  1. New and seasonal products

  2. Prices are always right

  3. Super fun and helpful staff

  4. Small store-I can find what I need without being bombarded with 150 cereal options. 

To continue on with my savory squash celebration, check out these new finds at your local TJ’s:

Cut Butternut Squash


I would typically jump for joy at the thought of taking a trip down to the farmer’s stand to pick out the most beautiful butternut I can find.  But lets be real, it doesn’t always happen that way, and sometimes I need a short-cut.  These beauties are already peeled, chopped and ready-to-cook.

Whole Wheat Butternut Squash Gyoza


TJ’s Gyoza have been a staple in my freezer for years.  This sweet & savory combo has carrots, sweet potatoes, and kobocha squash wrapped up in a whole-wheat wrapper.  Steam them as dumplings and dip in your favorite asian-style sauce or TJ’s Autumn Harvest Pasta Sauce (another new one!).  Also, the nutrition stats are hard to beat (7 pieces= 180 calories, 1.5g fat, 33g carb, 380mg sodium, 6g protein, 5g fiber).

Raw Pumpkin Seeds


Also called “pepitas”, pumpkin seeds are high in protein, heart healthy fats, and minerals like iron and magnesium.  Seeds can easily be incorporated into one’s diet in a variety of ways:  a topping for oatmeal or yogurt, tossed into salads for crunch, baked into breads, in homemade trail mix, or snacked on just the way they are.


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