Halo Top vs. Arctic Zero: Low-Cal Ice Cream Comparison

The first time I heard about a low-calorie ice cream was through an ad on Instagram. Intrigued, I looked into where I could get this “Arctic Zero”. I honestly think I was more excited that I could eat the entire thing in one sitting than I was for its low amount of calories. Little did I know there was a whole world of ice creams similar to Arctic Zero out there.

After trying both Arctic Zero and Halo Top a couple times I decided to definitively decide which of the two most popular low calorie ice creams was the best. In my experiment I purchased both of the brand’s mint flavor (Mint Chip for Halo Top and Hint of Mint for Arctic Zero). The results were clear after only a couple of bites:

Halo Top was the winner.

Halo Top

Halo Top mastered the rich creaminess of regular ice cream while maintaining a delicious, bold flavor. Arctic Zero, however, fell short in both categories. It lacked flavor, instead tasting watery, and had a slimy consistency (which is most likely linked to the watery taste).

So, Halo Top is the clear champion of low-calorie ice cream based on taste, but how do the two stack up nutrition wise? The main difference is in calories; a pint of Mint Chip Halo Top is 240 calories, whereas a pint of Arctic Zero is 150. A serving of Halo Top is more like a dessert than Arctic Zero, seeing as 150 calories is about as many calories as an afternoon snack (and that’s for the whole pint). They both boast high amounts of protein, but Halo Top has double the amount than Arctic Zero (6 grams and 3 grams, respectively)! If you’re looking for a nonfat option, specifically, and not just a low calorie option than Arctic Zero may be the way to go – it has no fat, unlike Halo Top, which has 2 grams per serving. But as nutritionists know, complete avoidance of fat will inhibit absorption of important nutrients, which could also lead to deficiencies.

Arctic Zerio

In my opinion Halo Top beats Arctic Zero any day. Since the taste test I’ve gone on to try as many Halo Top flavors as possible, usually eating each one as a meal. So sorry Arctic Zero, but as so many others believe, Halo Top is the champion of low-calorie ice cream.

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