The BEST Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Let the holiday shopping begin! If you are looking for awesome gifts for your family, friends, or thinking about what to put on your own treat yo’self list, we’ve got you covered. And the best part is you won’t find any gifts that promote diet culture, weight loss, or anything having to do with changing your body. Because turns out, there’s so much for you to do in 2020 that doesn’t involve going on another diet or obsessing about food. So here’s our holiday gift guide:

Kitchen Things

  1. Comfort floor mat -standing in your kitchen while you are cooking can be uncomfortable, especially if you have any existing aches or pains. This mat is so essential for anyone who wants to make their kitchen just a little more inviting and comfortable.
  2. Fun lunchbox – Is one of your goals to pack your lunch more often? Do you know that packing your lunch the night before makes for an organized next day? Lunchboxes are so essential for setting you up for mealtime success! Choose a lunchbox that holds up and won’t smash your food, and one that can keep food cold throughout the day or in warm weather.
  3. A motivational mug start your day by sipping on a mug of motivation, like this one reminding you about “progress, not perfection”. Or use it as a pen holder on your desk at work as a reminder of your food peace progress so far.

Books & Journals

  1. Anti-Diet by Christy Harrison – If you don’t already follow or listen to dietitian Christy Harrison (on FoodPsych podcast), you should be! Her new book dives deep into the history of diet culture, the problems it has created for all of us, and how you can reclaim your health and life without dieting. Now available for pre-order, and will be released on December 24, 2019.
  2. The Recovery Planner – The Recovery Box has just dropped their 2020 planner that helps you organize your life + prioritize recovery. The pages are filled with plenty of room for all your affirmations, coping skills, and even a meal planner.
  3. Enchanted Forest Adult Coloring Book – turns out coloring cute animals can be relaxing and meditative!

Just Because

  1. I Heart Carbs Tote – because carbs are life (literally!). This tote can come in handy anywhere, but especially at the grocery store when you want to send a strong message against dieting and no-carb products. Feel confident buying those bagels and look fashionable up and down those aisles.
  2. Challenge Accepted Fork – for those in eating disorder recovery, every bite can be a challenge. This gift can be a reminder that you can get through this meal even if it feels hard.
  3. Riots Not Diets Tank – rock this cute tank and show Karen that you don’t want to spend your lunch break listening to her talk about cabbage soup.


Invest in your wellness by giving yourself community and support. Join our Ditching Diet Culture Virtual Support Group every Friday in January 2020. Click here to learn more and reserve your spot.

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