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Maintaining mental health over the holidays

Although the holidays can be a fun and exciting time for get-togethers and celebrations, they may also be stressful for a variety of reasons. Maintaining your mental health during this time can be so hard! For some, this may be a good time to consider additional support with a Nourish therapist

The benefits of therapy over the holidays may include: 

  • The unbiased and objective view of another person who is not personally involved
  • The ability to openly discuss stressors and identify helpful coping skills
  • The chance to explore and reflect on relationships in your life and ways these are or are not serving you

Each person is unique and may find some coping skills to be more helpful than others. Some general coping skills over the holidays include: 

  • Maintaining a routine, especially continuing any sleep hygiene
  • Ensuring your physical health by eating regularly, getting adequate sleep, resting as needed, etc.
  • Reaching out to support systems, whether these are friends, family, or a mental health professional

However you find this time of year to be, you are not alone in your experience. Therapy can be a way to take care of yourself and your needs at any time, but especially if you find yourself struggling during this time.

Our team believes anyone and everyone should try talk therapy. We offer telehealth therapy appointments in Georgia and Maryland. Nourish therapists are in-network with most major health care insurance plans. 

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