Grace O'Connor RDN, LDN

Grace O'Connor RDN, LDN

Grace O’Connor RDN, LDN is passionate about helping clients heal from the impacts of diet culture. She takes a non-diet, Health and Every Size approach and meets clients where they are as she assists them in reaching their wellness goals. Grace enjoys supporting and guiding clients to get in touch with their body’s internal cues and improve their relationship with food and their body. Grace’s genuine care for her clients and dedication to finding strategies that work best for each unique individual creates a safe and empowering environment for healing.  

Having studied both nutrition and the food system, Grace has a deep understanding of the significance food has in our lives and values it as a tool to create positive change. She is dedicated to helping clients harness the power of food to create sustainable long-term changes that support their overall wellbeing.  

When she’s not at work you can find Grace walking her dog, tending to her houseplants, scrapbooking, or spending time with her favorite people.  

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