Julie Newton RDN, LDN, RYT

Julie Newton
Julie Newton RDN, LDN, RYT

Julie is a registered and licensed dietitian/nutritionist and registered yoga teacher. Julie works exclusively with individuals seeking improved gut health and dietary management for a variety of digestive disorders. She aims to provide both education and a personalized approach while implementing nutritional therapies to support sustainable changes. Julie’s areas of interest include but are not limited to IBS, Crohn’s disease, GERD, IBD, diverticulitis, SIBO, Celiac disease, pancreatitis, food sensitivities, and GI cancers. Julie has completed FODMAP training from Monash University.

Julie’s passion is to provide clients with a better understanding of their GI diagnosis, why food choices play a role in symptoms, and to overall help them feel better. Long term changes, a positive outlook, and helping to reduce food and symptom related stress is also a primary focus. Diet changes are utilized to help clients improve gastrointestinal symptoms while aiming to minimize diet restrictions as much as possible and rebuilding a joyful relationship with food.

When Julie is not at Nourish, you can find her teaching and taking a variety of yoga classes, hiking with her dog, experimenting with new recipes, wandering through art galleries, and spending time with her husband and two children.ipes.

Julie exclusively works with individuals with gastrointestinal issues. Book an appointment with Julie: