Julie Newton RDN, LDN, RYT

Julie Newton
Julie Newton RDN, LDN, RYT

Julie is a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist. Julie exclusively works with gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, including but not limited to: IBS, Crohns disease, reflux, IBD, diverticulitis, colitis, pancreatitis, food sensitivities and GI cancers. 

 Julie practices from a non- diet approach, empowering others to build positive relationships using intuitive and mindful eating skills to promote self- care.  Julie enjoys working with all adults in various stages of life and is passionate about providing support to each person she works with as a unique individual.

When Julie is not at Nourish, you can find her teaching yoga classes, spending time with her family, and hiking with her dog. At home, she enjoys reading, old movies, and playing with new recipes.

Julie exclusively works with individuals with gastrointestinal issues. Book an appointment with Julie: