Doing everything right and not losing weight?

It can be frustrating when you feel that you are doing everything right – eating well, exercising – and you are not seeing any results on the scale. Here are some areas to take a look at to help you get back on the right track:

6 Tips to Help Get Your Weight Loss Back on Track

1. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. When out bodies are even a little dehydrated, our metabolism does not work as efficiently as it should to burn calories. Aim for 8-8oz. glasses of water per day.

2. Take a look at your portion sizes. Try measuring out all your food and see if the portions you are serving yourself match up with what a healthy portion is. Here is a great site that will show you portion sizes.

3. Watch the condiments. Sometimes many extra calories can sneak into out diets in the form of high calorie condiments. Mayonnaise, sauces, butter, extra sugar added to meals can all contribute significant calories.

4. Are you drinking  your calories? Not only soda with sugar added, but also drinks like sugar-sweetened iced tea and fruit juice contain significant calories. Switch to water or diet drinks.

5. Watch those “bites” of food in between meals. Do you grab a bite here and there, maybe when you are cooking? Or maybe you finish off what’s left of your child’s snack or meal. All those extra bites can really add up even if you are eating well the rest of the day.

6. Eat frequently. Don’t skip meals and include regular, healthy snacks to prevent yourself from getting too hungry, which can frequently lead to overeating at the next meal. This also help to keep you metabolism running strong!

A great way to really take stock of what you are eating so you can make some changes is to keep a food journal for a few days.  This will help you to really see all the areas where you might be going over. The best way to get – and stay – on track with weight loss? Hire your own Registered Dietitian Nutritionist!


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