Grain Bowls

DIY Bowls

What’s the most popular recipe in the Nourish kitchens right now? DIY Bowls! These super-simple, one-dish meals are easy, healthy, portable and infinitely customizable.

The bowl concept is huge now. Restaurants from SweetGreen to Chipotle to CafeYumm! are offering various takes on a complete meal in a bowl. When you make your own bowl at home, not only do you save a lot of money, but you also get to customize it with whatever ingredients you enjoy or have on hand.

DIY bowl made with farro, corn, garbanzo and black beans, raw red peppers, steamed chopped green beans, chopped spinach, shallot and topped with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and orange juice.

Making a DIY Bowl is so easy and there is no set recipe. Just make sure that you include some sort of whole grain or starch, a protein and lots of veggies. Top it off with seasonings of your choice and voilá – lunch or dinner!

Cooked Grain or Starch

Start with ½ – 1 cup of your favorite cooked whole grain or starch


Next, add a protein

  • Beans. Try black, pinto, great northern, garbanzo, edamame or lentils.
  • Chicken. Try shredded rotisserie chicken or cubed chicken breast. Leftovers work great!
  • Fish. A 4-5 ounce filet of salmon, tilapia, cod, tuna or other favorite.
  • Shellfish. ½ – 1 cup of shrimp, scallops, mussels or other favorite.
  • Pork or lean beef. Lean pork such as shredded pork tenderloin or lean beef or 95% lean ground beef.
  • Egg. 1-2 poached or hardboiled eggs.


Make sure to add plenty of veggies, as much as you want. Try to go for all the different colors of the rainbow to maximize nutrient intake. The more, the better!

  • Greens, such as spinach, kale, spring mix, chopped
  • Roasted veggies
  • Sauteed veggies
  • Raw veggies
  • Salsa
  • Avocado
  • The more colors, the better!

Top with a sauce of your choice, such as balsamic vinegar, citrus juice, vinaigrette, teriyaki sauce, peanut sauce, hot sauce, etc.

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